In Turkey, health projects have been started to be implemented as of 1990s in order to increase the quality of the healthcare services, ensure quality service provision, improve preventive healthcare services; thus increasing the living quality of the society as well as ensuring improved health indicators, which are one of the most important indicators determining the development levels of countries. Within this framework, as per the provisions of the Loan Agreement entering into force on October 7th, 1990 and Project Evaluation Report, General Administration of Health Project (GAHP) was established to implement the First Health Project. General Administration of Health Project, which was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the health projects designed by the World Bank experts and GAHP had gone under many structural changes since the date it was established with a view to keeping up with the new changes and working more effectively, and finally with the Ministerial Approval dated March 24th, 2004 it was renamed as Project Management and Support Unit (PMSU). With the Ministerial approval dated 07.08.2019 and numbered 262, Monitoring and Evaluation Department and Project Implementation Unit (Avian Influenza Project) was affiliated to the PMSU.

In 2003, a program in the field of health was prepared by 58th and 59th governments and fundamental goals that were envisaged to be conducted in this field were identified under the title of "Heath for All". In the light of these goals, Ministry of Health and the-then Ministry of Labor and Social Security prepared “Health Transformation Program". In the same year, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Security consolidated their efforts and received grant, with the contributions of the World Bank, from “Policy and Human Resources Development Fund” (PHRD) and Development Bank of Japan, prepared "Health Transformation Project in Support for Health Transformation Program". The efforts made with the use of PHRD grant had included the current situation and stakeholder analyses in the field of Family Medicine, Accreditation and Health Informatics before the Health Transformation Project (HTP) entered into force.


The World Bank and Republic of Turkey made a loan agreement in the amount of 49 Million Euros in 2004. As per the Agreement, the implementers who conducted "Health Transformation Project in Support for Health Transformation Program" were the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for implementing the project was given to the Social Security Institution upon its establishment. With the Health Transformation Project, it is aimed to organize, finance and provide the healthcare services in general effectively, efficiently and equitably.