Department of Information Technologies

Department of Information Systems meets the requirements regarding software, hardware and other information services needed for the institution’s substantial utilization of the developing information technologies, and provides the services required to ensure their efficient use.


It prepares the infrastructure of the IT projects carried out within the scope of the project, and presents the central information systems such as software and network required for the functioning of the administrative units. It meets the requirements of users. It aims to develop the current system in parallel with the technological developments by following the ever-developing information technology, in order to increase the IT possibilities of PMSU.



In accordance with these goals, it serves an active role in the structuring of the institution's IT policy and strategy, and;


Determining the information systems needs, planning, and supporting the procurement process,


Installation, maintenance and repair of servers, computers and peripherals,


Strengthening the infrastructure of the existing information network, software and hardware systems,


Taking necessary measures for the security of the systems used,


Providing efficiency, effectiveness and continuity in services,


Taking account of user and employee satisfaction and providing the technical support and organizing trainings required for it.


Detecting possible malfunctions in advance and taking precautions,


Preparing/checking the technical specifications for the computer equipment and devices required by the implementing units within the scope of PSRHS and the technical specifications for the applications to be purchased/developed, and making suggestions,


Updating and management of the official web page of PMSU,


Backing up existing server and application data,


are the main duties of the Department of Information Systems.



Project Management and Tracking System


Social Media Management and Tracking System


Computer Aided Translation Software


Electronic Archive


Reorganization of IT Infrastructure