Department of Finance

Department of Finance, one of the sub-units of the Project Management and Support Unit, is responsible for making the necessary payments regarding all purchases made within PMSU and providing the required technical support for the relevant components of the project.


Department of Finance carries out the following, according to the type of the goods/services procured;



      • Payment for Consulting Services

      • Payment for Goods Procurement

      • Payment for Representation, Hospitality and Organization Services

      • Advance Payments and Travel Allowances

      • Additional Operational payments (office equipment, consumables, equipment maintenance, communication, announcement of procurements under the Project, etc.)

      • Direct Payments.


The main source of project funding is the World Bank. For the expenditures made for making the payments for the expenditures made during the use of loan, Department of Finance checks the following;



     • Whether there are funds in the budget, by comparing with the budget of the Ministry's relevant unit.

     • The correctness of pricing and document calculation.

     • The correctness and compliance of the invoice, authority approval, World Bank Approval (no objection), commission decisions, contract, progress payment, inspection and receiving documents regarding the payment to be made,

     • Powers and signatures of those who have signed the documents.

     • The compliance of the due payment with the Categories of the Loan Agreement.

     • The compliance of the payment with the Expense Items,

     • Checking the compliance of the Payment to be made with the Amount of Allocation, and making the payments accordingly.


prepares payment files. Sends the prepared files to the Ministry of Health Central Accounting Directorate, for payment.


Department of Finance also successfully carries out the activities below;



     • Apart from carrying out payment processes related to PMSU, providing technical support regarding the payment procedures of the World Bank, if required by the Project Implementation Units within our Ministry, and training relevant personnel when necessary.

     • Following the legislative changes concerning financial issues, informs the implementing units if necessary,

     • Organizing the regular use of the application numbers used in the presence of CBRT and included in the Annex-3 documents, which comprise the payment order for the payments to the Bank, by the Project Implementation Units,

     • Ensuring the transfer of the information and documents required in the audits performed by the Treasury Controllers regularly every year,

     • Carrying out the correspondence related to the Construction Works that are ongoing within the scope of the 1st and 2nd Health Projects, in coordination with the Construction Department, and preparing the payment files,

     • Transferring funds from the World Bank under the Cost Sharing Agreement signed with UNDP,

     • Ensuring that payments are made in accordance with the court decisions resulting against favor,