Department of Administrative Affairs

1- Arranging the leave forms of PMSU personnel, carrying out correspondence about taking and leaving office and the leave forms,


2- Entering the information about taking and leaving office and the leaves of civil servants to the Core Resource Management System


3- Arranging the personal files of the personnel,


4- Carrying out the document processes of the unit (receiving all documents coming to PMSU, giving dates-numbers to documents coming from outside the institution, ensuring that these documents are transferred and delivered to the relevant PMSU unit, giving dates-numbers to all correspondence produced in PMSU and ensuring that they are delivered),


5- Performing operations related to the Archive services of the unit (ensuring that all the files of the PMSU units are kept in the archive, participating in the extraction and destruction works in the Archive of the Institution, preparing and delivering the files to the Archive of the Institution, utilizing the relevant PMSU unit by applying the legal procedures, with finding the required document or file from the archive,


6- Ensuring that electronic, stationery etc. needs of the personnel are met, in coordination with the Movable Registration and Control Officer and IT Specialist,


7- Making the necessary correspondence to carry out the processes regarding movables, in coordination with the Movable Registration and Control Officer,


8- Performing the necessary operations to ensure that all devices of the Unit (fax, air conditioner, telephone, etc.) are in working order, and making repairs when necessary, in coordination with the IT Specialist.


9- Ensuring that the processes such as repair, renovation, and maintenance required in the physical area where the unit serves are carried out.


10- Determining the materials (computer, fax, stationery, etc.) needed by the unit, in coordination with other departments and making the necessary correspondences for their supply,


11- Following up the attendance and works of the cleaning company staff working on the floors on which PMSU serves, reporting the disruptions to the Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, and ensuring that the necessary arrangements are made,


12- Preparing revolving fund payroll charts of civil servants working in PMSU and attendance charts of contracted employees,


13- Issuing the required permit document for the personnel who will work outside the working hours,


14- Carrying out other duties assigned by the Project Director.