HTP (Phase I) Completed

The Health Transformation Project was entered into force on July 28, 2004 with the Loan Agreement signed on April 21, 2004. The relevant Project was closed on June 30, 2009.


The Components included the Health Transformation Project Phase I and the units responsible for implementing these components are listed below:



Component A - Restructuring the Ministry of Health For Effective Stewardship


A.1. Strengthening the Strategic Planning and Policy-Making Capacity of the MoH (Strategy Development Presidency)


A.2. Establishment of a National Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (General Directorate for Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy)


A.3. Performance Management Framework For Autonomous Health Facilities (Department of Performance Management and Quality Improvement)


A.4. Health Reform Implementation and Establishing Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity (Department of Monitoring and Evaluation)


A.5. Establishment of Health Information System for MoH (Department of Information Technologies)



Component B - Building Capacity of Health Insurance Fund and Social Security Institutions


B1 - Capacity Building of the Social Security Institution (SSI)


B2 – Building the Social Security Information System (SSI)



Component C - Reorganizing the Delivery of Healthcare Services


C.1. Introducing Family Medicine for Primary Health Care (General Directorate of Primary Healthcare Services)


C.2. Introducing Autonomy in Public Hospitals (General Directorate of Treatment Services)


C.3. Public Information and Communication (BM)


C.4 Strengthening Population Health Programs (Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Center - Directorate of Refik Saydam Institute)



Component D - Strengthening Public Health Functions and Human Resources Capacity


D.1. Strengthening the Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Center (Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Center)


D.2. Strengthening the School of Public Health (Presidency of Refik Saydam Health Center - Directorate of Refik Saydam Institute)


Component E- Project Management (PMSU)


Component F - Completion of Health Training Centers (PMSU)